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Academy of Language Arts
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Do you have a visa?

◆For those who wish to apply for a student visa

Application Eligibility

  • Those with 12 years or more years of the educational experience at a formal institution or equivalent, beginning from elementary school.
  • People whose living expenses and school fees during their stay in Japan can sufficiently be secured.
  • Those with a valid reason for wanting to study Japanese.

Schedule for 2024


1. Contact ALA and Consulting

2. Screening Process

ALA Application Form for student visa

3. Submission of Required Document to ALA

4. Submission of Originals & Selection Fee

5. Application of Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from ALA to the Immigration Bureau

6. Announcement of Result & Tuition and Other Fees

7. Shipping of COE from ALA

8. Student Visa Application at the Japanese embassy in your country

9. Student Visa Issue&Report your arrival date to ALA

10. Arrival in Japan & Orientation


◆For those who don’t need to apply for a student visa

Application Eligibility

  • People who are able to secure an appropriate Japanese visa by the beginning of the term, or who otherwise already hold a valid Japanese visa, are eligible to apply.



1. Contact ALA and Consulting

2. Submission of application form and Level Check

ALA Application Form for short term

3. Placement

4. Payment

5. Class starts


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!