Academy of Language Arts is a Japanese Language School in Tokyo
Academy of Language Arts
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9:00-18:30 (Mon-Fri)

Student Voice

What do students say about ALA?


Living and studying in Tokyo is not like being a tourist. and I know something about it. In 10 years I have traveled to Japan 5 times, but a year of study/work is totally different. ALA wasn’t just a school with teachers and books and classes it was so much more to me. A FUNDAMENTAL help and support for daily routines such as bank application, municipality documents, work hunting, hospital, and medical procedures. Ala was fundamental also from a human point of view. Super kind, super professional, and super patient from the beginning, an aspect not to be underestimated, by the presence of so many students from all over the world and therefore with different cultures and attitudes. A very important ally to a new lifestyle. The teachers are very well prepared, dynamic, fun and always interesting lessons. I will never stop being grateful from the bottom of my heart to the teachers and the staff for their patience, kindness, and friendship. I strongly recommend this School if you want to learn Japanese and have a fantastic experience from a human point of view and an AMAZING ally for your new lifestyle in Japan.

Grazie mille ありがとうございました。“Ala once Ala FOREVER”



ALA is a great place to study Japanese. Their excellent staffs are totally focused on making your learning experience a success by furthering your speaking skills to the utmost, while at the same time making sure your reading and comprehension skills stay on track, too. The reception staffs are extremely helpful with anything that relates to your life in Japan. Please forgive me for stating the obvious here, but life in a foreign country is so much more fun when you can communicate in the target language. And this sure is the place to learn it


I’ve been studying at ALA since last July. Before I came to Japan from Mongolia, I had expectations of studying abroad for the first time. However, at the same time, I felt a little bit anxious such as; “will I be able to live in Japan by myself?” or “will I be able to study enough not to let my parents’ trust down?”.Well, my anxiety has flown away after I started to go to ALA. Even more incredibly, I got a scholarship to ALA thanks to the amazing teachers. I really think that the way of teachers’ instructions is easily comprehensible. For instance, they use original pictures to explain a vocabulary to make us easy to understand. They give us the lessons with enthusiasm. They taught me not only the Japanese language but also important tips in my life such as daily troubles in Japan, future goals, etc. I have learned a lot from their advice which we can’t learn from any textbooks. I will keep trying my best for the future with this great ALA experience.


ALA is the best Japanese Language School. I liked going to school every day and seeing my classmates. The class always had a homey atmosphere but we studied Japanese hard. Especially I liked the school as a teacher. All the teachers are kind and very professional. Thank you!


Let me share with you my awesome experience with studying the Japanese language at ALA. I’ve come to ALA with high hopes they’d help me turn from someone who had no knowledge of the language at all to someone who could converse with Japanese people not having to “play charades” or act out every word I want to say. Basically, I just really want to be able to express myself fluently in Japanese. And I tell you, ALA did not disappoint. Teachers have made learning Japanese so easy and fun for beginners like me. The teachers have been very engaging and would go out of their way to make sure you fully understand the lessons by heart. Their style of teaching is impeccable and you could easily apply all learning to your daily life in Japan.In my 6-month stay with ALA, I am now able to do a lot more than just exchanging greetings. With confidence, I can now do shopping, get groceries in the supermarket, order food at a restaurant, ask for directions and even give directions, and of course, introduce myself properly to a Japanese I’ve met for the first time. I can just talk about my hobbies, my hometown, etc. I can now carry on a basic daily conversation and make sure I get across what I want to say. Traveling around Japan has just become even more enjoyable!  ALA, doumo arigatou gozaimashita!