Academy of Language Arts is a Japanese Language School in Tokyo
Academy of Language Arts
TEL 03-3235-0071
9:00-18:30 (Mon-Fri)

Group Lesson

Let’s study Japanese with students from various counties .

Japanese for Communication

The words you use represent your personality. By acquiring “business Japanese” to express yourself as an adult in Japanese society, high-level communication becomes possible.

We accept beginner students. In beginner class, we have a 10minute daily kanji review in the beginning of every class. This is for our students to have a chance to review what they have learned during the previous day’s kanji lesson.
As for grammar, we try to give students many chances to practice and review through the means of giving out homework and then going over the homework in class, as well as having grammar tests. The tests help students to see their progress and to determine whether they are using grammar correctly or not.

Finely Classified Classes

There are more than four classes for beginners alone at ALA, such as B1, BS1, B2, BS2. This allows each person to follow the level of the class better. *The number of classes vary depending on time and number of people.

Schedule for 2022

TermWinter termSpring termSummer termAutumn term
1 term (3 months)Jan 11- Mar 28Apr 6 – Jun 24July 6 – Sep 29Oct 11- Dec 23

・Golden Week Holiday : Late in April – Early in May (About a week)
・Summer holiday : Middle in August (A week)
・Bus trip : Early September
・Christmas party : The last day of Autumn term.

DayMorning ClassAfternoon class
Monday-Friday9:30 – 13:3013:40 – 17:40

*Class is determined based on Japanese Level after placement test.