Academy of Language Arts Japanese Language School in Tokyo

Academy of Language Arts
TEL 03-3235-0071
9:00-18:30 (Mon-Fri)
Student visa application starting in January 2023 is available!
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ALA is located in the middle of Tokyo
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Japanese learners from about 40 countries around the world.

Let's meet new people in ALA

Let's meet new people in ALA

Let's meet new people in ALA

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Why ALA ?

Japanese for Communication

”USABLE” is the key when learning a language at ALA. You can use the knowledge and skills that you learn immediately.
We promise you that you will learn useful Japanese which you can put to use right away in your daily life. 

Students from many Nations

Over 250 Japanese language learners from 35 – 40 countries around the world study together everyday, improving their Japanese and socializing at the same time. The common language they use to communicate with each other is, of course, Japanese. It’s not only a good opportunity to study Japanese, but also to meet many people from various countries and learn about their culture. >Nationality Rate as of 2022

Gracias Support

ALA has been in operation for over 35 years. Well experienced staff will support students with visa application, full-time/part-time job hunting, student insurance, opening a bank account, etc. all in a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t worry if you can’t speak Japanese at all, the staff who speak English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese are always ready to help in various ways.

Student Voice​


ALA is a great place to study Japanese. Their excellent staffs are totally focused on making your learning experience a success by furthering your speaking skills to…


Let me share with you my awesome experience with studying Japanese language at ALA. I’ve come to ALA with high hopes…


ALA is the best Japanese Language School. I really liked going to the school everyday. The class was always homey atmosphere….


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

English, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese are available.
We will get back to you within 24 hours !

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