Academy of Language Arts is a Japanese Language School in Tokyo
Academy of Language Arts
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What do we do?

Offering profound student support in a warm atmosphere.
Please do not hesitate to talk to us not only about the school but also about everyday troubles regarding life in Japan.

Before Admission


Free Consulting

Friendly staff with knowledge of student visas to attentively guide each student. Many of the staff have experience studying abroad, giving them an understanding of different cultures and student concerns.

Visa Support

We apply for COE from the Tokyo Immigration Bureau on your behalf.
Changes from other various visas to study visas are also accepted at any time.

Arrangement of Student Insurance

There is no need to contact an insurance company personally. We apply for international student insurance at our school for you at the time of enrollment. We help fill out an application form to refund paid medical costs.

After Admission


 Open a Bank Account

After entering school, we will go to the bank to open an account together. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Japanese at all !! Our staff will help you write an application form until we actually open a bank account.* The only bank we go to is Japan Post Bank.

 Visa Extension

For the students who wish to continue learning Japanese, we are also able to apply for an extension student visa application at the Immigration Bureau.

 Signature Stamp(HANKO)

Hanko is often used as a signature in Japan. It’s useful in many situations such as mobile contracts, accommodation, and opening bank accounts. We help you make an original signature stamp with your name.

Find a part-time job

A student with a Student visa can take a part-time job with permission from the immigration bureau for up to a maximum of 28 hours per week. We post new job information on a bulletin board of our school. You can find a job from it or if you find a job by yourself and need some help, please feel free to ask the staff. We will help you write a Japanese resume and practice for a job interview.

Find a Full-time job

ALA actively supports students who wish to get a job in Japan in various forms. Employment instruction guidance by professional lecturers such as the introduction of employment seminars, writing of entry sheets/resume, interview practice, etc. is carried out at any time.