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Student Visa

>What is Residence Card ?

“RESIDENCE CARD” is issued to every foreigners staying in Japan (Excluding short-term stay within 90 days)
Visit a ward office (city hall) where you live within 14 days after arrival and register your address in Japan.
(There is possibility to be asked to present it by a police officer.
If you do not have a residence card or a passport with you, you may be taken to the police station.)

>About Student Visa

 “STUDENT VISA” is given for a student in Japan including all of student who plans to study at a school for 6 months or longer. It is only valid while belonging to the school. Once you leave school in any events, your student visa will be cancelled.

Part-Time Job (Arubaito)

Students with a student visa are permitted to work part-time for 28 h/week at the longest.
During the following holiday, its permitted to work for 8h/day (40h / week).

●Spring Holidays (Mar~April)
●Summer Holidays (Aug)
●Winter Holidays (Dec~Jan)

In order to work part-time, you must have a permission from the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
It may be granted at the airport. Please bring following documents to immigration bureau if you need it.
(1)Application form(2)Passport(3)Student ID (4)Residence Card

Temporary Departure 

 When leaving Japan temporarily for any reason, please be sure to fill in “re-entry card” below at Airport and hand in to the customs.
Visa will be cancelled automatically if you forget re-entry form or residence card at the time of departure
※Please make sure to inform the teacher and reception with document ① (“temporary departure notification”)
on very back of this guide book. Otherwise you may have a problem when re-enter Japan
※Temporary visa gets invalid once you leave the country.

>About Temporary Visitor Visa

 “TEMPORARY VISITOR VISA” (aka. Tourist visa) is valid for 90 days only.
You have to leave Japan within 90 days from the date of entry.  “3 months”≠“90 days”
Even one day overdue is regarded as illegal residence and Immigration bureau will never issue the visa in the future.
Its visa holder is not allowed to work part time.
If you are engaged working part-time on this visa, you will be banished from Japan.