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Academy of Language Arts
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ALA’s Halloween★

Hello!! Let me share ALA’s Halloween:ハロウィーン:

When you say 〝trick or treat″ in Japanese,
You can say, 〝Okashi kurenaito itazurasichauzo″!!!
However, Japanese people often say 〝trick or treat″ instead of the frase in Japanese.

This year, on 31st of October, ALA gave some snacks to students who said 〝trick or treat″ to us!!!
We’re so glad to hear 〝trick or treat″ in each country’s language!!

There are students from various countries in ALA.
This is one of the attractive points that you cannot obtain in other schools!!

So, why don’t you meet new friends here?〝Trick or Apply for ALA‼︎″:ハロウィーン::ピカピカ::お化け: